Noak Hellsing – When The Shadows Go Home

Rising Stockholm artist Noak Hellsing is back today with a shimmering new single entitled ‘When The Shadows Go Home‘.

The track looks at the disconnect between feeling lonely while also struggling to form connections with those around us.

“‘When The Shadows Go Home’ delves into the depths of loneliness and darkness. Despite being an inherently social person, I’ve been grappling with the difficulty of connecting with others lately. What was once enjoyable has turned into a burden. This song encapsulates the quest for finding solace and happiness within one’s solitude.”

Contrasting with the track’s sombre (yet highly relatable) lyrics, the production showcases an upbeat style of pop that will fit perfectly into any summer playlist.

Signed to iconic Swedish label TEN Music Group, this promising Scandinavian talent has already amassed more than 28 million streams while still only twenty years of age.

‘When The Shadows Go Home’ is taken from Hellsing’s forthcoming EP, which is scheduled for release soon.

Noak Hellsing

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