Rare Monk – Missing Forever

Portland’s Rare Monk have been a prominent fixture within Oregon’s indie scene for almost a decade, and still continue to impress us with their distinct approach to music making.

Inspired by feelings of exhaustion due to being overworked, ‘Missing Forever’ is the kind of song that rewards you the longer you listen – with the production evolving into a cinematic climax that is really quite awesome to experience.

“Tethered to work and bills in a society that increasingly idolises ‘grinding’. What if we just quit everything and disappeared into the wilderness instead.”

The track serves as a taster to the band’s forthcoming ‘Coronation’ EP (out soon), which will consist of songs that were written just before lockdown – when the general mood across the country was that of anxiety and uncertainty.

If you have yet to experience Rare Monk’s collection of works then be sure to check out their previous records – ‘Never Really Over’, ‘A Future’ and ‘Death by Proxy’ (all available here).

Rare Monk