Courtney Paige Nelson – COLD LIKE GEMINI

We’re starting the weekend with a punchy slice of dark-pop, courtesy of emerging Californian singer and songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson.

‘COLD LIKE GEMINI’ is a bold and unashamedly intense track which was inspired by the negative impulses that can occur after having a drink. Elaborating further on the lyricism, Courtney explains:

“I made this song after a personal experience that really upset me at the time and I needed to get out in a song. I was seeing someone who had a tendency to change in a negative way whenever they would have a sip of alcohol. One night we got into an argument and they left abruptly, got to the car, left and came back just to sit outside my apartment. They started calling me phone repeatedly and of course at 1am no one wants to experience that kind of turmoil, specially if that’s not how you as a person communicate. So I open the song with exactly how the scene was set in real life. The first verse goes ‘call me up, say your sitting outside where’s your key and your alibi’ and goes onto say ‘won’t come in because you know you won’t win, midnight gonna start a fight’ and finishes with ‘baby what the fuck your drink, your kiss taste like chlorine.”

The track serves as a taster to Courtney’s next wave of releases, which will no doubt boost this talent’s momentum even further. An upcoming EP is also scheduled for release soon.

Courtney Paige Nelson