New Music: Maya Donovan

Brooklyn native Maya Donovan has to be one of the most impressive newcomers for us this week.

While still in her early 20’s, this promising singer and songwriter has mastered the art of creating songs that feel timeless and beautifully sincere in tone.

‘The Company’ presents listeners with a stripped-back and melancholic fusion of indie and folk, while the sincere and emotive lyricism centres around the artist’s life-long struggles with anxiety.

“Anxiety sometimes feels like it’s being orchestrated by this sinister network that I’m always trying to outsmart, a ‘company’ if you will, with a conspiracy to overthrow me from my own body.”

If you’re based in Greenwich Village then you can catch Maya performing at The Bitter End every so often, since she is an artist in residence. You can find out more here.

Maya Donovan

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