Duskbloom – Disappoint

One of the most interesting releases of the week comes courtesy of rising UK singer-songwriter Duskbloom (aka Jack Osborne), with his new single ‘Disappoint’.

By blending elements of indie and pop with alternative hip hop, this refreshingly original track delivers on a sound that is distinctive and captivating in character. Elaborating on the song’s lyricism, Osborne says:

“The track came out of a crushing realisation that I couldn’t stand up for myself when I most needed to. I’d push my own voice down to placate others, bending over backwards to accommodate others when I really didn’t need to. I’ll never be one for confrontation, but eventually you have to realise that your feelings are just as valid as anyone else’s. The world still spins.”

‘Disappoint’ serves as the follow-up to Osborne’s debut single ‘Glow’ (listen here), which was released earlier in the summer. Learn more about this exciting British prospect by visiting his website right here.