New Music: Duskbloom

Duskbloom is an exciting new project from Hertfordshire-based singer, songwriter and producer Jack Osborne.

Genre-bending debut single ‘Glow’ showcases a production that fuses elements of electronica with garage and alternative pop, resulting in a style of sound that feels haunting and dark, but also bold and arresting.

“It’s about my journey from existential crisis, to moments of peace and hope – by shining love and empathy on myself, glowing “If you feel it fading out, know you can glow.”

The track serves as an impressive introduction to a musician who uses his songwriting skills as a way to not only express his thoughts and feelings, but to also uplift and inspire listeners during their darkest moments.

“Many of us have blindly followed other peoples’ advice through life, getting qualifications and jobs that served a different generation and now we’re left absent and apathetic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. My music is far from perfect, but it’s true to who I am and who I hope to become. I hope that by sharing my journey, I can connect to those on the same journey, and encourage them to nurture their own passions through self-love and empathy – however small, however grand.”

Duskbloom will release three more singles in the upcoming months. Be sure to follow the artist on Spotify here.


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