New Music: ELLES

Track of the week. The high calibre of fresh Canadian talent never ceases to amaze us. ELLES is a newcomer whose style of sound is so beautifully emotive that her new single ‘i do’ is already one of our favourites of the season.

Through its thoughtfully constructed fusion of indie and pop, the song tells of the complexities of human relationships:

“‘i do’ is about pure duality and contrast surrounding love in the human experience. i love someone, they hurt me, i should dislike them, i don’t. i made mistakes in this relationship, does that mean i deserve to be hurt like this? is it right that i still wish them the best regardless? love is f*cking weird man and this song was me allowing myself to feel pain, love, longing, and loathing in the same breath. in ‘i do’ i am the victim and the perpetrator. sometimes we are both but assign ourselves one role so we can justify our own or others’ actions. it’s important to be real with yourself, especially in times of high emotions. see the situation from all sides, then heal.”

To date, ELLES has amassed more than 110k streams on Spotify alone from only a handful of releases. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this hugely gifted singer-songwriter.


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