Adeena x Taphia – I Ain’t Like That

Adeena consistently delights me with her style of polished Scandi dance pop, and this release is no different.

”I Ain’t Like That is a song written from a state beyond our insecurities. It invites you to feel good about yourself and to embrace your own force instead of meeting other people needs. It’s a tune for you to dance into spring and feel yourself completely.’’


New Music: Adeena

“A song about anger and disappointment towards a person who has made a fool of themselves by treating you like crap and just playing you, out of nowhere. The person has gone from being the person you thought you knew, to a complete jerk, but you realised that they only can blame themselves because they’re a ”f*** up with an attitude”. It’s an angry song with a touch of darkness, on how you feel after being played by an idiot.”