Alexander Grandjean + ALEA – Kiss

Consistently delivering some of the finest indie-soul to emerge from Denmark, Alexander Grandjean returns with gorgeous new single ‘Kiss’. This is a sound that is dreamy, highly finessed and utterly sublime to experience.

Featuring vocals from fellow Danish artist ALEA, the song is taken from the new album ‘Coma’, which comes out in March.

This record represents

the current collective state of mind

This record

honors us, the people

trying but failing

to continue with the old normal

in a world that is in a coma

Alexander Grandjean | ALEA

New Music: Alexander Grandjean

A stunning blend of alternative pop, fused with indie RnB that feels deeply emotive and timeless.

Danish talent Grandjean is no stranger to music; he’s been writing and producing hits for the likes of European heavyweights such as Nneka, Freja Kirk, Sivas and Yes-R.

Weeps‘ is taken from the upcoming debut-album ‘Via Motion‘, which will be accompanied by a 40-minute film, as every song will have its own music video.

Alexander Grandjean | ALEA