Alexia Chambi – Nothing Happened (feat. Ralph Taylor)

Photo / jocelynmurrayboyne

Emerging genre-bending starlet Alexia Chambi joins forces with long-time collaborator Ralph Taylor on new single, ‘Nothing Happened’.

Based on real-life events, the song tells of a story involving Chambi and a boyfriend who had initiated an open relationship, only to regret his decision shortly after.

“‘Nothing Happened’ is a story based on true events, about a boyfriend who spontaneously requests an open relationship while being abroad but quickly calls back to express his regret.”

The track marks the beginning of a project that will see Chambi unveiling a string of singles throughout the year, eventually culminating in the release of a confessional EP entitled ‘Open Relationship’.

Alexia Chambi | Ralph Taylor

Alexia Chambi – Second Date

Alexia Chambi Music by Sakura Katsuura

“Second Date is written on the beach in Tenerife. It’s a ‘fun’ & honest song about struggling with intimacy issues & being vulnerable emotionally but put across in an uplifting way”

Alexia Chambi

New Music: Alexia Chambi

Image by Sakura Katsuura

“A song written for my little brothers whilst I was living in London, and therefore not able to watch them grow up. A song about finding the balance between following ones dreams whilst sacrificing time with loved ones in order to do so. A personal yet in many ways, universal song.”

Alexia Chambi Music