Anna Bergendahl – Vera

While on the surface ‘Vera’ comes across as a typical (and beautifully melodic) country-pop tune, the story behind the lyricism takes this song to a whole new level, and one which is poignant and extremely moving.

“My family has suffered from terrible disease, and the song is from the perspective of the future, when everyone is well again. Until then I put my faith in the whisper in the wind – may it be the whisper of God or love or just wishful thinking – nevertheless I hear it.”

Anna Bergendahl

Anna Bergendahl – Thelma And Louise

Swedish country-pop icon Anna Bergendahl comes back today with a luxuriously crafted song that is almost impossible not to enjoy.

The track ponders on life and how we should experience it, to go and do things before it’s too late and we regret the missed chances.

Anna Bergendahl