Annika Rose – just like you (demo)

Track of the week. I am always in awe of songs that are stripped back to the bare minimum yet still find a way to bleed through as much emotion as this release does, from LA-based singer and songwriter Annika Rose.

“When I’m writing it has to be past midnight, and everyone has to be asleep. I turn off all the lights and turn on my lava lamp, light some incense and just sit there until I’m literally asleep at the piano. The only thing I have to be vulnerable with is my piano, and luckily it doesn’t talk back to me. This is my only way of fully expressing who I am and what I feel, and I’m not afraid of it anymore.”

Annika Rose

New Music: Annika Rose

Eclectic pop that feels eccentric and quirky but still maintaining a cool, finessed edge.

“I found myself reflecting deeply on childhood naivety and the freedom from the realities of the world and growing up, back to what often feels like a simpler time. Catching butterflies is a metaphor for that lost innocence and purity of life when we’re young. Especially lately, the intensity of this feeling has grown with everything happening in the world and I want to use this song and my music to connect with others who may be feeling a similar way.”

Annika Rose