Augustine – Sweet Love

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Augustine celebrates the release of his debut album ‘Weeks Above The Earth’ with gorgeous new single ‘Sweet Love’.

Garnering over 25 million streams across his catalogue to date, this Swedish artist has become somewhat of an indie phenomenon. He’s released his music completely independently, working together with three friends on everything from writing and producing to visuals, design and marketing. On the album, he says:

“I wanted to place the songs in the order of how I wrote and experienced them, capturing a part of the whirlwind that’s been spinning in my chest lately. From yearning for a sensation, to naively diving right in, to total confusion. The world has at times been so fluffy and soft. Spring was on its way with all its light, scents and flowers, and I wore a mask of invulnerability, constantly being surprised and falling so deep. Later, a summer and autumn where everything was a mountain to climb, putting everything on pause. Love sometimes felt like a psychosis, and ‘Weeks Above The Earth’ is about this state of feeling so very distant from the rest of the world.”

‘Weeks Above The Earth’ is out now.


Augustine – Summer Wine

Now commanding over 20 million streams to his name, Swedish indie-pop artist Augustine returns with the beautifully emotive ‘Summer Wine’.

A retro ballad with a nostalgic essence, the song is all about feeling trapped in the aftermath of a relationship’s demise, and desperately trying to find a way to free yourself from the memories of what you’ve lost.

“I wrote most of the lyrics in spring, on a train to my family’s house on the Swedish west coast. The weather got brighter each day and people seemed so happy and hopeful, but I felt more distant than ever. ‘Trying out our summer wine’ became a symbol for the little things that you took for granted with someone, until it’s over and you just can’t get them out of your head.”


Augustine – Coast

Recorded exclusively at the Spotify Studios in Stockholm as part of the Studio Oyster program, Augustine is back today with his unique fusion if retro indie and dreamy pop.

“‘Coast” is a song about loneliness, and a longing to understand this world a little better. I was confused and jealous of everything I laid my eyes on when I wrote it. And I often get struck by this feeling about wanting to escape from myself and from my body when I’m feeling down. I guess it comes down to the desire to have someone by your side who understands you and all your weird thoughts.”