RIP Avicii

A talent gone way too soon. Genuinely sad to hear the news.

Something different from Avicii

avicii stockholm

If you know Stockholm, you’ll know the lyrics to this are pretty spot on.

A slower release from Avicii featuring Daniel Adams-Ray.

Robyn Vs Avicii

Love this! A mash up from Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’ and Avicii’s ‘Fade into Darkness’ by Mario Santiago.

Interview: Q+A with Andreas Moe

I’ve been talking about Andreas Moe for quite some time now, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to throw some questions at the up and coming Swedish pop kid. Read about his influences, why Sweden is a hotbed for dance music and all about his brilliant new EP, Collecting Sunlight.

Talk us through what first inspired you to engage in the world of popular music and what do you feel has been the most important factor in your development as an artist?

Wow – that feels like a long road to take you down! I guess in the early early days it was Michael Jackson -the dance moves, the shows, the vocals – I knew all of it! From there I kind of went through a rock/jazz fusion stage, and then when I was about 16 I found out about John Mayer – bought my first acoustic guitar – and started writing pop songs! As for what was most important, I guess it would be the discovery of acoustic music because that was the first time I’d ever been inspired to write, but having gone through SO many stages I feel like they are all important in their own little way

Stockholm has given rise to a great deal of dance music artists. Talk us through your personal experience of growing up in the city and making your name on home turf and whether it was easy to forge your own musical identity amid the rise of the nation’s club minded assets?

I loved living in Stockholm growing up – I found it a really inspring place to be musically because there was always so much going on. I spent a lot of time at youth centres growing up and played with a lot of different musicians at that time. It was the perfect way to figure out who I was as an artist. It wasn’t til the Fade Into Darkness opportunity came along that I even really payed attention to the whole dance/club scene, and from that feature I realised not only did I enjoy singing it – but I was good at writing it. That was a great lesson for me and opened so many doors career-wise…. so I guess I have a lot to thank dance music for!

Many who are not so familiar with Swedish pop music will ofcourse know you as the voice of John De Sohn’s ‘Long Time’ and of course Avicii’s ‘Fade Into Darkness’. What is it that has kept you so frequently involved in Electronic music and how do you interpret the huge energy and enthusiasm that now surrounds it?

I guess it started off as a way to build my profile and build awareness that I and my music existed. I love electronic music and using that in my own music (as you can tell from the EP) and so when the opportunities arose for Fade Into Darkness and Long Time, I didn’t really have to give it a second thought – I knew that it made sense!

Despite your formative presence in electronic music, your latest Collecting Sunlight EP is as diversely tuned as they come. Talk us through how you approached the records and where you drew your creative stimulus from for this somewhat personal insight into your musical stylings?

You’re right – Collecting Sunlight is a totally different to what people who have heard of me may have expected – but I love that! I mean the whole sound of the EP only really came about last year following the break up of my relationship. Before then I had played with so many different influences and directions but nothing had really ‘stuck’…so I guess you could say the inspiration is essentially from a period of heartache. My approach was just to put all of my feelings and emotions into my music, all my thoughts down on paper – and just see where it took me. With the help of Hiten Bharadia, Maria Marcus and Niclas Lundin (three writers and great friends of mine..) I believe we really nailed that.

It seems fair to say that where your music is concerned, you are not willing to be put into just one box. Between the film soundtrack numbers and evocative Dance anthems, how do you interpret the vast progressions pop music has made over the past few years and where do you hope to see yourself fit within the bigger picture?

I love how ‘Pop’ music can mean so many different things these days. A rock artist can sing on a rap record – and a singer/songwriter artist like me can sing on a dance record and people go ‘yeah – I get that!’ To be honest, I don’t mind being put in different boxes as long as it makes sense and is true to me as an artist – I think it’s great.

What do you feel has been the biggest challenge for you as an artist within your career and what further aspirations do you hold within your career?

That’s a tough question to answer because I am still in the very early days of my career – but I guess the main challenge so far has been putting all of my energy into my music whilst still surviving haha! In terms of my artist career, the biggest challenge I face right now is breaking through and building a career worldwide. I’m lucky that I have an amazing team of people working for me in London to help me get that done, but essentially it’s down to me to create music that not only do my fans love – but I love too. My aspirations are for that to happen and to build a credible and sustainable career!

What can we expect from you in terms of studio work for the remainder of 2012?
I’m working on my second release as we speak. Im having plans to do another EP but with other up and coming artist featuring.

Well I am already working hard towards my next EP so that means A LOT of studio time. I have a few things in the pipe line though – some more features, releases of tracks I have written for other artists, sessions with other great writers – it’s a really busy time for me which is great!

Collecting Sunlight EP is available now on iTunes!

Watch out.. Andreas Moe will take you over…

I’ve made no secret of how much I like Andreas Moe. He’s making huge impact over in native Sweden for his effortlessly catchy and beautifully stylish songs. Anyway, he’s finally coming over to the UK to plug his sounds via his new debut EP Collecting Sunlight on June 25th, and so it feels only right to give it a mention.

Having played in several bands in Sweden, and having leant his voice to a number of dance tracks, he signed his first UK publishing deal in January 2011. His collaborations already include DJ Avicii (Fade into Darkness) and John de Sohn (Long Time).

But he still describes his sound as being The Script meets Robyn meets Prince: “electronic but organic.” Check out here.