Live: Daniel Adams-Ray x HUMAN at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

The reason the photo above sucks is because watching Swedish pop institution Daniel Adams-Ray perform alongside his new outfit HUMAN in London last night got energetic and bonkers so fast that the whole set barely stayed still the whole evening.

Blending a mix of well-known hits alongside some new material from the latest record ‘IRL’ to a sold-out crowd, this was one of the best acts to watch live from Sweden this year.



One of Sweden’s biggest names in pop, Daniel Adams-Ray releases his new record IRL under the moniker of HUMAN. On the surface, it’s a pretty simple pop album but the further you listen to this collection of songs the more depth starts to become apparent. It’s a nice listen…


New Music: HUMAN

I am SO EXCITED to hear this. It’s Daniel Adams-Ray’s new project. Those who have followed my blog from the start will know that he is one of my favourite Scandi artists.

Daniel Adams-Ray

Daniel Adams-Ray x Oskar Linnros – Sitter på en dröm


There’s a small story behind me posting this. It’s a track worked on by two Swedish hip hop artists who haven’t worked together in almost a decade. Back then they were called Snook.

Snook were one of the first Scandi artists that I genuinely fell in love with. Their mix of hip hop with a sense of playfulness brought me tons of good vibes.

So, this track might not blow you away, but it’s mighty special for me.

Daniel Adams-Ray | Oskar Linnros

Something different from Avicii

avicii stockholm

If you know Stockholm, you’ll know the lyrics to this are pretty spot on.

A slower release from Avicii featuring Daniel Adams-Ray.

The most exciting piece of Swedish hip hop right now…

Daniel Adams-Ray

… Well, exciting for me. Indie pop kid Daniel Adams-Ray enlists some Swedish hip hop heavyweights (Adam Tensta, Dida, Eboi & DJ Akilles) to play with his new single and it’s very good.

Good Swedish stuff!

Daniel Adams-Ray

Ah WordPress. So good and annoying at the same time. This clip of Daniel Adams-Ray is up on the PSL blog right now and is one of the best live bits of music I’ve seen in such a long time!

You have to watch it!

Daniel Adams-Ray is back!

Daniel Adams-Ray

One of my absolute favourite Swedish soloists is finally releasing new stuff. It’s all in Swedish, but his quirky poppy sound should entertain you for a while.

New Music: Pavlov

Yes, it’s in Swedish. But it’s such a great song I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Carries along the same veins as Oskar Linnros and Daniel Adams-Ray. Check out here.

The most listened to track in Sweden last year

It’s just gone 7 times platinum. Good song, maybe an English version would make a lot of people happy?

1. Veronica Maggio ”Jag Kommer”
2. Bruno Mars ”Grenade”
3. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull ”On The Floor”
4. Daniel Adams-Ray ”Gubben i lådan”
5. September ”Mikrofonkåt”
6. Adele ”Rolling in the deep”
7. Chris Medina ”What Are Words”
8. Pitbull – feat Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer ”Give Me Everything”
9. Alexandra Stan ”Mr. Saxobeat”
10. Eminem & Rihanna ”Love The Way You Lie”