Michael Kiwanuka wins BBC Sound of 2012!

As someone pointed out yesterday, Lana Del Rey wasn’t even on the list, so I’m crazy happy that Michael Kiwanuka’s won the BBC Sound of 2012. I featured him back in April 2011 and he was one of the few artists that I managed to remember throughout the year. And you can never go wrong with a bit soul.

Frank Ocean runner up in BBC’s Sound of 2012

Im a bit surprised by this actually, much as I like Frank Ocean and admire his talent, I don’t know how much of an impact he’ll make, I guess we’ll see. Winner is announced tomorrow. Who do you reckon it’ll be? Hmmm… Hmmmmmm… *cough* Lana Del Rey *cough*

Azealia Banks comes in third on BBC’s Sound of 2012

Huge, huge huge fan of this dirty b****. Only one more day before we find out who will take over the pop charts for the next twelve months! I think we all know who it will be…

Skrillex comes in fourth on BBC Sound of 2012

I must say, I’m not a huge fan of American DJ Skrillex, but he’s come fourth for the BBC’s Sound of 2012.

Niki & The Dove come in fifth on BBC Sound of 2012

BBC announced today Swedish electro duo Niki & The Dove have come in 5th in the Sound of 2012. Impressive!

BBC Sound of 2012 revealed!

Not to sound sad but this is one of my favourite moments of the year- when the BBC Sound of 2012 list is revealed. If you are unaware of how important this list of musicians is, check out the same list from 2011 and see how many predictions are household names now. This list is a big, big deal- so get used to the names this year because you’ll be hearing from them a lot in the next twelve months. The list is compiled by music bigshots. The top five will be revealed in the week commencing 2 January. Here’s the full list:

I’m proud of the number of artists on that list that I featured before… Boasting over and done with now!