BBC Sound of 2012 revealed!

Not to sound sad but this is one of my favourite moments of the year- when the BBC Sound of 2012 list is revealed. If you are unaware of how important this list of musicians is, check out the same list from 2011 and see how many predictions are household names now. This list is a big, big deal- so get used to the names this year because you’ll be hearing from them a lot in the next twelve months. The list is compiled by music bigshots. The top five will be revealed in the week commencing 2 January. Here’s the full list:

I’m proud of the number of artists on that list that I featured before… Boasting over and done with now!


I’m nearing to 1000 blog posts on Alfitude, and I must confess I don’t remember all the bands I feature. Which I guess is a good thing, because it shows how much good music is out there. I set out writing this particular post as a ‘New Music’ segment, until I realised that I had already featured these guys some time ago.

That’s never happened before, so I suppose Spector are my new obsession.

I’m really liking Spector. You get the feeling that they’re going to get very big very soon. This is the future of rock and roll! Check out here.

New Music: Spector

I can’t get this song out of my head- it’s so catchy. It has an anthemic thing going for it while sounding very lo-fi at the same time. Check out here.