Haim win BBC Sound of 2013

bbc sound of 2013


The winner of that big music predictor, the BBC Sound of 2013 has finally been announced as the all-sister group Haim.

While it’s an interesting choice to win, personally I haven’t been much a fan of this band although I did suspect that they would top the poll going by the amount of buzz that’s been going around in the blogosphere.

Having formally predicted the rise of artists such as Jessie J, Adele, 50 Cent and Ellie Goulding, the ‘BBC Sound’ poll is generally seen as one of the more accurate new-music predictors, so it should be interesting to see how Haim pan out over the next year.

AlunaGeorge are runners up on BBC’s Sound of 2013

bbc sound of 2013


I expected AlunaGeorge to do well for the BBC Sound of 2013. Previously featured back in February 2011, the next twelve months are set to be huge for the duo. The winner of the poll is announced tomorrow.

Angel Haze comes third in BBC Sound of 2013

bbc sound of 2013

angel haze

That feisty American rapper, previously featured back in July 2012, has come third in the BBC Sound of 2013. The runner up is announced tomorrow.

Laura Mvula fourth in BBC Sound of 2013

bbc sound of 2013

Laura Mvula

I had a feeling Laura Mvula (featured last October) would have come higher in this year’s BBC Sound of 2013, which makes the top three interesting- we’ll find out who’s come third tomorrow.

Chvrches is fifth on BBC’s Sound of 2013

bbc sound of 2013

churches band

Electropop band Chvrches (featured not too long ago on here) have come fifth in this year’s BBC Sound of 2013- an annual list of up and coming musicians who are most likely to cause impact over the next twelve months.

BBC Sound of 2013 longlist announced!

bbc sound of 2013
sound of 2013 longlist

The BBC has just released it’s Sound of 2013 list of artists. Over the years, this has proven to be one of the most accurate predictors of who’s likely to become a household name (in the UK at least) over the next twelve months, and it’s personally a very exciting thing to see. The list is compiled by the UK’s most influential music industry tastemakers, who were each asked to note their favourite emerging artists.

While I’m familiar with all the acts on these long lists by the time they are published, I do not necessarily agree with all the talent in them (that’s the great thing about music).

Still, every year I like to benchmark this blog against the list to see how many acts I’ve championed, and I’m chuffed to see that most of these artists have been featured on Alfitude over the past year or two (although some of these posts are already so old the sound clips may not be active any more):

Other acts on the longlist also include:

  • HAIM
  • Kodaline
  • Little Green Cars
  • Palma Violets
  • Peace
  • Savages

Overall, I think this year’s list covers a much more varied and promising selection of talent compared to 2012, and it’ll be interesting to see who wins. The top five acts will begin to be revealed during the week of 31st December 2012.

Until then, I haven’t made my mind up who will make the shortlist just yet- who would you like to see win?