blackwave. – perfume (feat. Caleborate)

Leading the way in Belgian hip hop for some time now, blackwave. return with new single ‘perfume’, featuring US rapper Caleborate.

Melodic, mellow and sleek in character, the song is inspired by the feelings and memories that perfumes can evoke within us.

This song was written on a very early morning walk to Starbucks in sunny LA. I was up early, waiting for a phone call from someone on the other side of the world in a different time zone. I was completely inside my head, worrying about everything, thinking about wanting to get my life back on the rails, back in a rhythm. With every person passing me by on the street, everyone carrying with them their own smell of perfume, the words started coming to me. I remembered this moment when I was in the mall, contemplating if I’d buy some expensive perfume, and thinking to myself; ‘I don’t deserve this yet. When I get my life on track, that’s when I will buy this perfume’. That setting of the morning walk, and the memory of being in the mall kind of set off the whole theme of the song. After I added an arrangement for string quartet to the second part of the track, I knew I wanted to ask Caleborate to finish off the song with a verse of his. He immediately connected with the theme and delivered an amazing final touch to the song.” – Willem Ardui, blackwave.

Following on from their debut project back in 2019, blackwave. have since garnered support from the likes of COLORS, Billboard, Complex and Wonderland, while amassing close to 500k monthly listeners on Spotify. New album ‘no sleep in LA’ is out in September.

blackwave. | Caleborate

Zola Courtney – Superstar (feat. Caleborate)

London-based talent Zola Courtney enlists California rapper Caleborate for the shimmering new RnB bop ‘Superstar’.

Written as a ‘punch-back’ to arrogance and self-righteousness, this is the kind of laid back summer groove that will immediately transport you to a sun-drenched LA road trip.

“The song is based around the arrogance that can come with power and influence. The lyrics aren’t specifically about ‘superstars’ but more about self-righteous people, and personal experiences I’ve had where I’ve been made to feel small from someone with more power or social status than me. I hope people enjoy the upbeat, sassiness of the song. It feels like it should be playing in Cher’s car during the scene in Clueless where the girls are all driving around Beverly Hills.”

Zola Courtney | Caleborate