Zola Courtney – Superstar (feat. Caleborate)

London-based talent Zola Courtney enlists California rapper Caleborate for the shimmering new RnB bop ‘Superstar’.

Written as a ‘punch-back’ to arrogance and self-righteousness, this is the kind of laid back summer groove that will immediately transport you to a sun-drenched LA road trip.

“The song is based around the arrogance that can come with power and influence. The lyrics aren’t specifically about ‘superstars’ but more about self-righteous people, and personal experiences I’ve had where I’ve been made to feel small from someone with more power or social status than me. I hope people enjoy the upbeat, sassiness of the song. It feels like it should be playing in Cher’s car during the scene in Clueless where the girls are all driving around Beverly Hills.”

Zola Courtney | Caleborate

New Music: Zola Courtney

Track of the week. If this talent doesn’t take over every playlist, channel or radio by 2020 then I’ll be shocked. Stunning vocal, flawlessly effortless production on the beats… Just the best.

Zola Courtney