Camylio – sometimes

One of the most exciting newcomers to emerge this year, NY-based singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal phenomenon Camylio returns with an anthemic power-ballad in the form of ‘sometimes’. On the song, he says:

“At this point you’ve been broken up for a while, and the anger has faded. Your memory might be a little biased as you struggle to get used to being alone, but regardless, you miss them. You start going to all the places you used to go, partially out of nostalgia, partially to convince yourself that you’re moving on and can handle it. Whether you see them out on a first date at the coffee shop where you first met or just overhear the news from a mutual friend, you find out they’ve started seeing someone new. Ouch. The person you loved and imagined a future with is starting a future with someone else.”


New Music: Camylio

Track of the week. Already a talent with a significant online fandom (over 3.2 million TikTok followers alone), Camylio will undeniably hit the mainstream very rapidly.

And yet, this artist’s musicianship is impressive on it’s own standing. Raw and emotive vocals compliment a classic production that sets the tone for a hugely emotional song.

“When you’re in a relationship, you share music and playlists. As soon as everything goes wrong and falls apart, you can’t even listen to the songs associated with that person anymore. You’ve broken up, and you’re trying to get yourself together. You’re attempting to move on and put the pieces back together. However, all you can fixate on is if your ex is going through something similar.”