FLO become the first ever group to win BBC’s Sound of 2023

In what could be the least surprising piece of music news today, UK supergroup FLO have been announced as winners of BBC’s Sound of 2023.

Through all the years that we’ve run Alfitude, we’ve hardly ever seen a new outfit pick up as much momentum as these ladies have in such a short space of time. Speaking on their win, they say:

“Wow, we did it! To win this accolade not even a year after we released our debut single Cardboard Box is wild. We feel so connected to our British music roots winning the BBC Sound Of and admire the artists who have come before us, especially our gal Pinkpantheress winning last year! Thank you to everyone who voted for us and put girl groups back on the map. To be recognised for our music and people to believe in our vision inspires us to go further this year! 2023 we’re ready!”

With more than 100 million global streams to date, FLO have already established themselves as the UK’s biggest new girl group.

BBC Sound of 2023 Top 5

  • 1st – FLO (featured April 2022)
  • 2nd – Fred Again (featured June 2020)
  • 3rd – Nia Archives (featured Nov 2022)
  • 4th – Cat Burns (featured November 2018)
  • 5th – Gabriels


Watch: Cat Burns – I Don’t Blame You

“Learning how to forgive will be the best thing you ever do in life. ‘I Don’t Blame You’ is about my childhood and the strained relationship with my Dad. I had a lot of resentment mixed with anger and hurt. I found that it was stunting my mental growth and emotional maturity. I needed a way to say exactly what I was thinking to him in an honest yet vulnerable way. This song is my way of healing, and I hope it can help others who are in similar situations find peace within their own lives & relationships.”

Cat Burns