Cy – Hate To Hate You

Swedish starlet Cy returns today with a 90’s inspired ballad in the form of new singleHate To Hate You’.

With it’s perfect fusion of pop and R&B, the song is all about being so chained to your negative thoughts that you start hating yourself. The track is also taken from Cy’s new EP ‘Ugh!’, of which she says:

”Being 20-something can be so draining, and especially when you’re heartbroken and unsure about everything. This EP is a package of feelings that grew from this time when I had thousands of questions about where I am, who I am and where I’m going, but no answers. Even though a lot of people probably feel the same you can feel extremely lonely. I hope that my music can give someone a hand to hold for a little while.”

New EP ‘Ugh!’ is out now.


New Music: Cy

Stockholm-based songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus is already an established name within the industry, having worked behind the scenes with the likes of LÉON, Iggy Azalea, Paloma Faith, Soleima and Icona Pop. She was even even nominated for ‘Songwriter Of The Year’ by the Swedish Music Publishers Association in 2018.

Today marks her debut as a solo project with the launch of ‘My Name Next to Yours’ – a song that was written as a reminder to stop romanticising about an ex-girlfriend.

It’s an empowering indie-pop bop that acts as a call for self-respect after a breaking up, while also wondering if you’re the only one thinking about the past.

“I wrote it after my first real heartbreak, back when me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I have a tendency to either romanticise the past or worry about the future, so this was a way of reminding myself of what the relationship was really like and the fact that she ditched me. Kind of ‘how dare you?’ but at the same time feeling okay cause you know that you just weren’t right for each other. I had built up those emotions for a while, so the song literally flew out of me.”