Jafunk – You Got Me (feat. Dana Williams & Nic Hanson)

Here’s comes your official weekend banger, in the form of Jafunk’s new release ‘You Got Me’.

Inspired by funk and disco from the 70s and 80s, the song thrives with an electronic and modern twist, all with the help of singer Dana Williams and rapper Nic Hanson.

“Sometimes the best strategy in life is to not take things too seriously, let your hair down and just do what feels good, and this was exactly the approach we took when making this track.”

Jafunk | Dana Williams | Nic Hanson

Dana Williams – You Win

Consistently delivering beautiful music in the form of dreamy vocals, smooth melodies and sincere lyricism, Dana Williams continues to delight with her unique approach to soul and RnB.

 “‘You Win’ is about contemplating the end of a relationship in the aftermath of an argument. It’s about the moment of clarity that is required to break out of a toxic relationship, and having the foresight and regret for not doing it sooner.”

Dana Williams

Dana Williams – Answers

Dana Williams really is one of my favourite soul/ RnB songstresses from recent years. On this track, Williams delivers a relevant message in a gorgeously exquisite way.

“I wrote ‘Answers’ in response to getting a lot of questions about racism during the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor demonstrations. I didn’t have the answers for the people reaching out to me. I still don’t. But I think it is important to vote in this upcoming election. So much is at stake and we have to exercise our voices and speak up.”

Dana Williams

Dana Williams – Holiday

Track of the week. Nothing more to say other than to call this sublime. Simply… SUBLIME! There is a new generation of neo-soul emerging and I am so excited to see where this leads.