Dava – Sticky

Over the last twelve months, Dava has established herself as a name to watch out for. With bops like Right Timeand Papercut, this talent delivers a flair of excellence with her take on pop.

The songs feels finessed and sleek, yet still maintain an element of fun which is completely addictive. ‘Sticky’ showcases a more quirky side to the artist, and as usual it’s brilliant.


Dava – Papercut

Track of the week. A dreamy piece of audible beauty that is both understated and fragile yet so powerfully charged emotionally.

I’ve realised that no family, friendship or relationship is perfect. When trust is broken it’s very hard to mend, and those wrongdoings may seem unforgivable. With time though, most situations reveal themselves to be minor papercuts. We can allow ourselves to move on, we can heal from these things. Although the song itself has a dark connotation, it brought a lot of clarity and forgiveness to the relationship that inspired the song.


Dava – Right Time

“This song is likely going to be received as being very different from my first single ‘ASOS‘, but that is exactly what I want people to expect from me. I strongly believe in making music that resonates with how I feel at the time, without the limitations of continuity or genre. I wrote this song for someone special. Someone that made me feel like it was the right time for love.”


New Music: Dava

A dreamy pop sound that feels confident and bold, while still being chilled and mellow.

“I’ve learned how to come from a place of self-love and curiosity. All I wanted to do was make things that my friends and I thought were cool. It felt like the right time to get serious.”