New Music: Debbie

Freshly signed to 0207 Def Jam and still only 22-years old, London-born musician Debbie crafts a delicate and immersive blend of emotive soul and pop.

Her stunning debut ‘Is This Real Love?’ is an earnest and heartfelt plea for a connection that goes beyond surface level emotion and social media stunting.

“I was frustrated with how much the definition of love is fantasised. I found myself getting passionate about the subject, and getting lost in research. In my findings, one thing that stood out was to have a stable relationship, it takes more than love. Yes, love is important but at its core it’s just a feeling, and you need more than a feeling to sustain something healthy. Patience, self-awareness, compromise, forgiveness just to name a few… I didn’t like how social media framed love at a surface level – with ‘couple goals’ and ‘happily ever after’ captions. It all just felt misleading.”