Ellen Krauss – This Time Of Year

Swedish starlet Ellen Krauss returns today with a powerful new single that serves as a refreshing alternative to the festive sound that we are all accustomed to.

‘This Time Of Year’ is an emotionally-driven pop ballad that was inspired by those who feel lost and rootless during the season, and is a reminder that Christmas affects people around us in very different ways.

“‘This Time Of Year’ is a song I wrote from my ‘aunts’ perspective. She’s not really my aunt but she’s always been in my family because she no longer has a family of her own. Christmas is always a tough time for her as she’s reminded of those she’s lost and it’s all very moving to me.”

As one of Sweden’s most prominent musical exports to emerge in recent years, Krauss has not only become a critic’s darling, but also accumulated millions of streams and performed over 80 live shows to date.

Ellen Krauss

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Ellen Krauss – Tie Me Down

Acclaimed Scandinavian singer and songwriter Ellen Krauss unveils a new single today entitled ‘Tie Me Down’.

Inspired by the inner conflicts that come with commitment, the song continues to showcase the beautiful fusions of indie and alternative pop that Krauss has mastered so well.

“The song is about not wanting to commit to someone because you’re convinced you’ll find someone even better. But you still stick around just because it’s good and exciting. I wrote this song this fall, I was out and about, dating round and it was great but it was always like ”she’s not you”. 

Since her debut in 2019 (with LGBTQ anthem The One I Love’), Krauss has garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, Earmilk, Clash, Fault and 1883 Magazine, while her catalogue of work has exceeded 47 million streams to date.

Ellen Krauss

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Ellen Krauss – Silver Spoon

“Silver Spoon is about two people, very different from each other, who choose to hold on. They’re not the perfect match, but they feel it’s better to be unhappy together than alone. It’s love after all.”

Taken from the debut EP, ‘First Take’.

Ellen Krauss

New Music: Ellen Krauss

“This track came to life when I was playing around on my new electric guitar. I remember I fell in love with the sharp sound of it and at the time I was in that ‘Let Me Have It’ – state of mind, where you’re just like, okay give it to me… Whether it’s about jealousy, talking shit or false accusations. Things that are just unfair.” 

Ellen Krauss