Emei – Scatterbrain

Alt-pop star Emei is back with yet another showstopper release.

On the surface, ‘Scatterbrain’ comes across as any other pop song that you’d expect… up until that chorus hits and takes you by surprise.

This is a song that delights and intrigues you to the point where you’ll have it on loop for the rest of the day. And it’s probably the reason why the track has already gone viral, surpassing more than three million views on social media.

Both lyrically and sonically, the ‘Scatterbrain’ was created as a way to reflect the mind of someone with ADHD, and incorporates Emei’s quintessential ‘brain-tingle’ moment.

“So proud of this one it sounds exactly like my brain it’s everything I can’t even express how excited I am.”


Emei – Backtrack

Emerging Chinese-American artist Emei rounds off her year with sensational new single that reminds us why this rising starlet should be on everyone’s radars.

Serving listeners with a punchy, gritty and raw mix of punk-rock and pop, ‘Backtrack’ is the kind of song that commands your attention from the moment you press play.

To date, Emei has accumulated millions of career streams, competed on Chinese Idol, performed on Dancing with the Stars of China and picked up praise from the likes of Earmilk Early Rising, Ones to Watch and Lyrical Lemonade.


Emei – That Girl

Rising LA-based starlet Emei returns with an energising fusion of alternative pop and rock through the release of her new single ‘That Girl’.

Thanks to its catchy melody, this immensely enjoyable song details the all-too-relatable struggles we encounter when trying to motivate ourselves.

“[The song was] written on a whim after weeks of trying to keep a habit checklist and failing miserably. The pop rock inspired anthem encapsulates the energy of wanting so badly to be that girl who wakes up at 6am, goes on walks every morning, and drinks coffee black but never getting to that unattainable goal.”

Emei currently commands over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has collaborated with the likes of Gnash, KiNG MALA and Jordan Lewis.


New Music: Emei

Hailing from Los Angeles is singer-songwriter Emei. With gutsy vocals and punchy lyrics, this talent is delivering some of the most captivating slices of emerging alt-pop out of California right now.

Latest release ‘Better People to Leave On Read’ is a perfect anthem to scream in the car when you wish people would stop wasting your time.

“‘Better People to Leave On Read’ was written in a fit of rage when an ex-best friend (who made moves on my boyfriend) texted saying she was proud of my success. As the first alt-pop record made with KiNG MALA producer, Rob Auerbach, Better People to Leave on Read has a salt-inspired rage, hard-hitting drums and eye-rolling horns.”