everBear – Time Is A Slope (Waiting on Fire)

As the alter-ego of Danish musician Mathias Baadsgaard, everBear is a promising indie-folk project that has captured attention for the last year.

Following on from the release of the Baadsgaard’s ‘The Secret Life Of Trees’ debut EP a few months ago, today sees the release of a brand new single entitled ‘Time Is A Slope (Waiting on Fire)’.

Created alongside producer Valentin Kruse, the song’s (very relevant) message is inspired by the anxieties that most of us face when we think of society’s future, and wonder if our existing lives will ever go back to how they used to be.

“‘Time is a slope (waiting on fire)’ could easily have become a song with a guitar and vocals, but through the creative process it quickly evolved into something entirely different than that. It evolved into an anthem of expression and hope.”


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New Music: everBear

Emerging from Denmark, everBear serves as the alter ego for indie-folk artist Mathias Baadsgaard, who has been one of the most exciting new finds of the week.

Constructing deeply thoughtful pieces of music through gorgeously emotive soundscapes, everBear’s sound displays a sense of maturity and warmth while also being relatable to listeners.

End of the Line’ is a song about being young and free to do what ever you want to do. It tells a story about being in a place in the world where all of these things are possible; the freedom to find your own way in life.