Freddy Madson – Feels Right (feat. Lleoh)

Photo / Therese Lærke

One of my favourite newcomers to emerge from Denmark this year has been guitarist & songwriter Freddy Madson. Today sees his return through a new collaboration that features the talents of fellow Danish artist Lleoh.

Just in time for the weekend, ‘Feels Right’ is a finessed slice of dreamy Scandinavian dance-pop – the kind that uplifts you in the most subtlest of ways.

“Imagine a club with an irresistible dance floor full of seemingly amazing people you wish you were partying amongst. But you don’t dance like them or fit their dress code and the music is anything but your taste. Anyway, here you are, considering to compromise with oneself to be part of the crowd. ‘Feels Right’ is about being true to who you are. It celebrates the outsider in every single one of us – all the flaws and peculiarities that make you and me unique and beautiful in our very own way” – Freddy Madson

Freddy Madson | Lleoh

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New Music: Freddy Madson

Photo / Therese Lærke

Of all the tracks I receive from Scandinavia, this has to be one of the strongest releases that I have come across so far this year. Freddy Madson is an independent pop artist based in Copenhagen who is creating some of the most sublime sounds you could hope for.

‘Hanging in the Air’ is a beautifully dreamy yet highly-charged song that fuses hints of indie and jazz, telling the honest story of how to regain faith and trust in yourself when everything seems lost.

“I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel imperfect or inadequate. Other people’s great expectations can suddenly become a massive burden in your life – and it literally dragged me down, creating an endless flow of irrational thoughts and unnecessary contemplation. It was the feeling of hanging in the air while racing for a new tomorrow but it was with the help from my closest ones, that I got back on track.”

Freddy Madson

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