GRACEY – the internet

Mighty but melancholy, ‘the internet’ alludes to an almost universal experience: nights spent awake gripped by anxiety, unable to stop scrolling on social media.

“‘the internet’ is about a very difficult time in my life when I was experiencing a large amount of online hate as I was just starting out my artist career. Throwing myself into the process of writing and working on it was really cathartic, and addressing what was making me feel broken and vulnerable head-on ended up making me a lot stronger. Hopefully it’ll resonate and do the same for others, as sadly experiencing online hate is becoming more common for all as social media continues to grow.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Fragile’ which is due 15th October 2021 via Polydor.


GRACEY – Don’t

I’ve yet to find a single GRACEY song that I dislike. Truly one of the UK’s most promising starlets.

Taken from the forthcoming mini-album ‘The Art Of Closure’ which will be out on 13th November via Polydor Records.