Hanne Mjøen – Hard To Love (feat. Ryland James)

Photo / Fabian Fjeldvik

Not many Norwegian alt-pop artists have made as much impact globally as Hanne Mjøen has over these last few years.

Today marks her return with a powerful new single that features the talents of Ryland James, entitled ‘Hard To Love’.

Beautifully melancholic and refreshingly honest in tone, the song looks at the emotional vulnerabilities that start to appear when we find ourselves connecting with someone special.

”’Hard To Love’ tells the tale of being a complex person. Everyone has bad sides and struggles and through the lyrics I wanted to put mine on the table, letting the one you love know that if you want a love of eternal sunshine, I’ll give you the opposite. I’ll make it hard for you to love me cause unfortunately I’m not a perfect person either.”

Mjøen has received recognition from international outlets and tastemaker publications as prominent as Fader, NRK P3, Line Of Best Fit and many more. Meanwhile, rising artist Ryland James already commands more than 250k monthly Spotify listeners.

Hanne Mjøen | Ryland James

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Hanne Mjøen – Emotional Fever

Norwegian alt-pop artist Hanne Mjøen has really been spoiling us with her recent run of singles, all of which have been some of the finest to emerge from Scandinavia so far this year.

And today is no exception with the release of ‘Emotional Fever’. This melancholy electro-pop masterpiece tells of the emotional battles between deciding whether someone is right for you or not. Mjøen describes the fever as:

“One moment it feels like forever, and the next you get a panic attack and you just want to leave. And it feels like a fever because of the sudden changes you have no control over.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Emotional Fever’ which will be released in mid-September.

Hanne Mjøen

Hanne Mjøen – Hell With You

Norway’s invasion of pop in 2021 continues with the release of Hanne Mjøen’s fantastic banger ‘Hell With You’.

This is as premium as electro-pop gets; emotive vocals and pulsating beats set the tone for a song that feels melancholic while also giving off an essence of euphoria at the same time. It’s a sound that Scandinavians have mastered for decades now, and still never fails to blow me away.

Hanne Mjøen