Hauskey – Go Wrong

In my view, Hauskey is responsible for creating some of the finest bedroom-pop out of Australia right now.

He’s back with a follow-up to last year’s debut EP ‘Slow’, and it’s a delicious slice of laissez-faire, sunshine-toasted slacker pop.

“If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so, we have ‘Go Wrong;’ me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small, because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”


New Music: Hauskey

Track of the week. An Australian psych-pop talent who’s sound is impossible not to fall in love with. It’s a simple and approachable vibe that invites you into Hauskey’s world, and I am living for it.

“A great song is like a great movie. You become so engrossed in it that you ‘become it’ and forget you’re even watching a movie. That’s what good music should do too.”