Watch: Keeper – Change

Nu-punk artist Keeper returns with hard-hitting new single ‘Change’. Fusing elements of midwest emo with UK hip-hop and pop-punk, the track contrasts a fun sound against powerful and relevant lyrics.

This theme carries through with the video too, making use of important imagery to convey the serious undertones of the upbeat track:

“I felt it needed a more realistic stand. Things are bad right now, housing crisis, climate change, systemic racism. But through community, government pressure, and understanding you could start rolling the ball.”


New Music: Keeper

An exciting London-based talent who’s project came together through a chance encounter over a game of Minecraft on Twitch.

Emanuel Andrade (who goes by the stage name Keeper) began sending some guitar samples to Jon Cass (As Everything Unfolds), and in time they both realised their tastes in music were similar.

Homegrown‘ feels like a balanced blend emo vibes with hip hop, fused into a sound that is intrinsically quite unique.

“Music is a creative outlet that lets me express myself and create and tell stories verbally because my English skills are awful. My mother learnt how to make bread, I learnt how to make stories about characters and put them to music.” – Keeper