New Music: Good Scott

Track of the week. Already a noted artist and producer within the UK music industry, Good Scott is the new moniker for the talent formerly known as Kwassa.

Showcasing some of the most exciting new music to emerge from London in quite some time, Good Scott’s new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ features ST LUNA – and could well be your favourite alt-pop bop for the summer.

 “‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was the breakthrough from a year or so of writing and nothing clicking – I’d been doing a lot of writing / production on other projects and whilst being able to jump around different genres is my favourite thing ever, it made it pretty hard to settle on what my sound for this project was going to be.

When me and Luke (ST LUNA) started making the track, it fell into place pretty fast – and felt like one of the first songs I’d made recently that I would’ve listened to anyway if I’d stumbled across it. At the time I was just craving a break from sad boy culture and desperate to make something tongue in cheek and a bit silly. Fun lyrics combined with the hints of breakbeat / early 2000’s vibes in the drums is something I wanna keep in the rest of the tracks coming.’’ – Good Scott

Good Scott | ST LUNA

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kwassa – sucker

“I was in the middle of one of those crappy weeks where things kept going wrong (my car was broken into and then my bike was stolen) when I made sucker. Writing it down in a totally non-figurative way and putting it into a song was the perfect way to joke it off and use it as fuel to make something cool. Everyone is a sucker for something or someone, and this is just a tongue in cheek take on the relationship between my life and my music.”


New Music: EVER

Close’ is a playful story about being in a relationship bubble when you’re far from home. I wanted to capture that sense of losing time when you’re wrapped up in the intensity of a trip, whether it’s sorting out your problems and differences, or enjoying every second of each other’s company. I spent a lot of time getting this track right with kwassa (producer) to have the right energy to match the lyrics, but I feel we’ve struck the perfect balance. ‘Close’ conjures up images in my mind of warm weather, close relationships, deep talks and olive groves!