LANY – dancing in the kitchen

‘dancing in the kitchen’ is a modern-day love song by one of the world’s most successful pop outfits in recent years. To date, LANY have amassed over three billion total streams, 600 million video views and sold almost half a million concert tickets. There’s really no stopping this US trio, who’s subtly euphoric and hook-laden style of synth-pop has captivated the world.

The band will embark on a tour across the UK and Ireland in September, with stop-offs in Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow and London.


Live: LANY at O2 Forum London

Arguably one of the largest American ‘boy bands’ to impact across the world, I watched LANY perform to a packed crowd yesterday evening in London’s Forum.

Stunning set, mega loyal fans and the best chilled musical vibes you could expect.

Sophomore record ‘Malibu Nights’ is out now and carries their trademark blend of minimal soft, heartbreaking pop with a wistful charm.

Oh, and the support from APRE was pretty slick too…