Grace Davies – testosterone

One of the most beautiful pop songs you’ll likely hear this week, the delicate piano production on ‘testosterone’ unwraps a vulnerable Grace whose captivating vocal focuses on poignant and relatable lyrics of infidelity, and accepting poor excuses to keep a relationship alive.

“Sometimes you come across a song that you wish you’d written, and this is one of them. Written by one of my close pals Lauren Aquilina – who I wrote two songs off my last EP with, along with Lostboy who also produced it – I literally begged Lauren for this song. I instantly connected with the lyrics, and sonically it is just so ‘me’. I’m so appreciative to Lauren and Lostboy for letting me have this one, and as a songwriter myself I always said a song I hadn’t written would have to be super special for me to take it – and special it is!”

Grace Davies

Lauren Aquilina – Swap Places

I listen to at least 80 songs a day running this site (most days it’s a lot more), and sometimes I zone out when I hear the lyrics to the tracks that I’m sent.

But I was genuinely moved by the words that came out of this release from Bristol-born, LA based singer-songwriter Lauren Aquilina. This song is well worth playing.

“‘Swap Places’ is a song about insecurity, but mostly it’s a song about wanting to be nicer to yourself. I find that when I get into that dark hole of comparing myself to other people, it’s usually not because I actually would rather be someone else, but more that I just wish I had the confidence to be the best version of myself all the time. It’s a lyric that resonates a lot with me but also the most upbeat pop song I’ve put out for a while, so I’m excited for people to hear it.”

Lauren Aquilina

Lauren Aquilina – Bad People

“The message is very personal but also feels profoundly political in the current world, everyone can relate to that moment where they feel that maybe life would be easier if they could simply be more of a villain.”

Lauren Aquilina