Grace Davies – testosterone

One of the most beautiful pop songs you’ll likely hear this week, the delicate piano production on ‘testosterone’ unwraps a vulnerable Grace whose captivating vocal focuses on poignant and relatable lyrics of infidelity, and accepting poor excuses to keep a relationship alive.

“Sometimes you come across a song that you wish you’d written, and this is one of them. Written by one of my close pals Lauren Aquilina – who I wrote two songs off my last EP with, along with Lostboy who also produced it – I literally begged Lauren for this song. I instantly connected with the lyrics, and sonically it is just so ‘me’. I’m so appreciative to Lauren and Lostboy for letting me have this one, and as a songwriter myself I always said a song I hadn’t written would have to be super special for me to take it – and special it is!”

Grace Davies

Watch: Grace Davies – Just A Girl

“​When lockdown happened around the time we were due to shoot ‘Just A Girl’ we stepped into uncharted territory of remote shooting. With us all feeling confined and creatively frustrated JAG became a call to prayer for me, nurturing my talent to show the multifaceted nature of being a woman today.”

Grace Davies

Grace Davies – Addicted To Blue

“Addicted To Blue is the bop I never realised I had. It lived as a piano ballad for over a year and I never knew which direction to take it in. I went out to Sweden to produce it with Elias Kapari and we had such a fun time with it because it was such a blank canvas, so we tried everything just for fun!”

Grace Davies

Watch: Grace Davies – Invisible

“When I wrote this song nearly two years ago, I’d hit a real emotional low. Having just gone through an amazing, life-changing experience – one of the best things that’s ever happened to me – it also felt like the worst time of my life. I wrote Invisible to reflect the way I was feeling at that time, but also to focus on the fact that sometimes depression and feeling down are things that you can’t see or touch. It made me think about how invisible mental health issues can be.

I listen to this song now and know that I am in a better place in my life. I am so lucky that I have music, to capture all of my honest thoughts and feelings and to make something beautiful out of a desperate situation. I hope this song encourages others to open up and talk about what they’re going through, rather than keeping things bottled up.”

Grace Davies