Linnea Henriksson – Tänker på dig

I know I feature pretty much every song from Linnea Henriksson right now but seriously – such a bright Scandi talent!

Linnea Henriksson – Släpper allt (feat. Norlie & KKV)

Linnea Henriksson | Norlie & KKV

Linnea Henriksson – Säga mig


Because it’s a Monday, I’m in the mood for some melancholic Scandi pop. You don’t need to understand Swedish to feel this track… It’s cute the way it is.

Linnea Henriksson

Listen: Linnea Henriksson ‘Halmstad’

Linnea Henriksson

Although in Swedish, this is a great summer pop track from Linnea with a killer chorus.

A hazy Saturday afternoon…

This feels right for now, so here it is. It’s a beautiful little Swedish summer track by MaiNekk and Linnea Henriksson.

New Music: Linnea Henriksson

A former Swedish Idol alum, Linnea sings in Swedish. I struggle a bit to understand what she’s on about but her debut song has that unique element of love-or-hate. I’m not sure. I loved it when I first heard it, then I hated it, and now I’m sort of middling around.  Check out here.