Louie Blue – Call You Up

One of my favourite talents to emerge from Finland recently has been Louie Blue. This artist has been releasing sleek fusions of RnB, alt-pop and indie consistently for some time now, despite still being only 20-years old.

Today he unveils his debut LP ‘Division 8’, and with it the new single ‘Call You Up’. The track delivers an R&B sound that is inspired by the musical aesthetics of the early 2000’s, with the artist himself describing it as an “organic, straight forward, old-school R&B song.” On the LP, Louie Blue says:

“I don’t want to pretend that the album is a calculated or a strategically planned collection of songs in specific order. This album sounds like the journey I’ve traveled inside my head in the last two years making this. A lot of songs were left out, but the 15 tracks that I kept on the album are perfect to describe me as an artist right now.”

‘Division 8’ is out now| Louie Blue

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Louie Blue – Let Go

Premium Finnish disco, delivered with finesse and pure style.

Louie Blue

New Music: Louie Blue

A perfect slice of Nordic funk pop by this 18-year old talent from Finland.

“This is the song that makes you dance while you’re walking down the street and you make a complete fool out of yourself although you think you look like the coolest guy in the world. It makes the rainy day feel like it’s shining.“

Louie Blue