Løv Li – Can’t Let You Go

Photo / Tom McKenzie

While still only 23-years old, Copenhagen-based DIY-artist Løv Li has already marked himself as one of the most interesting artists to emerge from Denmark in recent years, thanks to his eloquent songwriting and melancholy productions.

“I’ve always had melodies spinning around in my head. These days, I often record them as one of the numerous voice-memos, I’ve got on my phone. They rapidly develop into arrangements for piano, vocals and strings and are completed with all the impulsive, experimenting sounds, I create when I work on the boundless, amazing computer.”

Haunting new single ‘Can’t Let You Go’ presents itself as a beautifully dark piece of pop, yet also feels timeless and classic thanks to its subtle orchestral tones.

The song was inspired by the decay and sudden end to what was seemingly a beautiful and unique relationship.

Løv Li

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New Music: Løv Li

“Growing up playing the violin and the piano I was exposed to a lot of film music composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky but also to the electro pop music my friends would listen to. Both of these genres have majorly influenced the way I write and produce my songs, incorporating both electronic beats and acoustic instruments such as lush strings, piano and guitar to achieve the sound-universe I enjoy.”

Løv Li