Madeline – Relief (feat. Jeffrey Eli)

One of our favourite alt-pop artists to have emerged from the US in recent years has been Madeline – so we’re delighted to be sharing with you her new collaboration featuring up-and-coming talent Jeffrey Eli.

The version of ‘Relief’ that you’re listening to right now is actually a revamped one; the original edit has already amassed more than 50k streams since it’s release last autumn.

The song is taken from Madeline’s ‘Gut Tag’ EP, which is scheduled for release in April 2023.

As two rising stars in the making, Madeline’s work currently draws in almost 70k monthly listeners on Spotify, while Jeffrey Eli commands a fanbase that exceeds 900k followers across social media.

Madeline | Jeffrey Eli

Madeline – Somebody I Know

Madeline has had quite the journey since her debut back in 2020. To date, this rising US-based starlet has achieved more than 1.2 million cumulative streams from the release of just one EP and a few singles.

Rapidly becoming a tastemaker favourite while also building a significant fanbase across the globe, Madeline has found her work featured on iconic outlets like MTV, Early Risisng and Paper Magazine.

Today marks her return with introspective new single ‘Somebody I Know’. Taken from Madeline’s forthcoming ‘Gut Tag’ EP (out next month), the song was inspired by the disconnect between the way we see ourselves, compared to how we come across to others.

“Last summer, I was so frustrated with myself and how shy I had become over the pandemic. I kept getting caught in these situations where I found people’s perception of me was very different from how I viewed myself. Their idea of me was justified, I had become an overthinker/ shy and I had a difficult time changing that. Writing ‘Somebody I Know’ was a way for me to deal with that frustration.”


Madeline – Y.T.D. (Year to Date)

Los Angeles-based and Dallas-raised Madeline returns today with a perfected slice of melancholic pop in the form of new single ‘Y.T.D. (Year to Date)’.

“I was thinking about how one of my friends was at my birthday last year, and now, we aren’t talking. There’s nothing bad about it. It was just one of those things that happened. It’s interesting how it’s usually on your birthday that you start to think about how your relationships have changed, and the song dives into that idea.”

The single follows her debut EP ‘Don’t Put a Dog in Danger’ which was released December 2021, and marks her second collaboration with writer and producer Brandon Shoop (ELIO, Allison Ponthier and Chloe George).


New Music: Madeline

Madeline is a Dallas-raised alternative singer-songwriter who writes beautifully simple yet powerfully emotive songs; so much so that her work has so far picked up placements on both Spotify and Apple’s flagship new-music playlists, as well as support from tastemakers like Paper Magazine, Early Rising and A1234.

Today she releases her new A-B single ‘Nice/Wake Up’, comprising of two stunning songs that are both equally superb.

On first single ‘Nice’, Madeline says, “The word ‘nice’ kept popping into my head, and I thought about how people always just say ‘nice’ as kind of an empty, passive answer. It made me think of people who think the world revolves around them and that it’s nice of them to give people the time of day.  The more and more you look at this person’s actions, they might not be that nice of a person.”

Meanwhile, ‘Wake Up’ was written as an anti-love song, telling the story of a couple who are infatuated with each other but not in love:

“The song is actually two years old, but it was the first time I felt like I had something interesting and exciting to me. For a while, ‘Wake Up’ was the only song I would show anyone and so it was important to me that this one came out.”