madonna rebel heart

So, like many 80s kids I grew up with A LOT of Madonna. But when it comes down to it, I’m not crazy obsessed with her. I’m really feeling this new release though. It’s just a good mix of big beats, gospel and that 90’s house sound.

A cute cover of a Madonna song, done by a lady on a horse…

dominique pruitt

Exactly as it says above, this is Dominique Priutt working up a really cute cover of Madonna’s ‘True Blue’. Made me smile, I hope it gets you smiling too…

Mighty Mouse x Madonna


When Mighty Mouse does a re-work, it’s almost never terrible. And when it’s Madonna… Well, that can only mean fun.

Madonna VS Scissor Sisters

Mix Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ with Scissor Sisters‘ breakout hit ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ and you get yourself one mighty big fabulous stomper of a mix. Oh, and you can download it. Woo.

New Music: Craft Spells

I’m really a big fan of this band. It’s sort of polished, bright shoegaze. The track above makes my heart melt a little. It reminds me of Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’. Weird, I know. Maybe it’s the drums. Check out here.