mags – as long as we’re both breathing

Danish pop starlet mags returns today with another hi-energy bop in the shape of catchy new single ‘as long as we’re both breathing’.

This powerful love anthem tells of a heartfelt story of love and hate, while also carrying one of the most explosive choruses to come out of the Nordic pop scene this year!

“I wrote ’as long as we’re both breathing’ as my modern take on the famous words ’till death do us part’. It’s about the declaration of love – to stay together for better or worse. ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ is a song that emphasises the importance of communication and understanding as the keys to balance between love and hate in any close relation –two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum.”


mags – music doesn’t even help

Each one of these songs from Danish pop starlet mags deserves a listen and a boogie to.


mags – elephant in the room

Danish pop starlet mags returns today with another slice of Scandinavian electro pop, full of pulsating synth and catchy hooks.


mags – ludlow coffee supply

A new pulsating Danish synth pop number from mags.

New Music: mags

“all i hear (dada)” is essentially about an unhealthy crush but peeling deeper into the essence of the song, it concerns how you treat yourself. About how you, especially in unhealthy relations, often let impulsive instincts undertake your logic when life is passing through.”