New Music: Her Songs

A collaborative project featuring a group of ladies who are solo stars in their own right, coming from the US, UK, Denmark and New Zealand. And when you listen to this track you can feel their real love of soul coming through, and it’s the most magical vibe.

Her Songs

Marie Dahlstrøm – Home With You

“I wanted to write about flaws in a kind and positive way. I wanted to hone in on what makes us who we are. The absence of something in a person’s life, makes room for the presence of something else. ‘Home With You’ is a song about celebrating honesty and compassion in love, even if it isn’t always easy.”

Marie Dahlstrøm

Free Download: Marie Dahlstrøm & Jeremy Passion ‘Forget Me Nots’

Marie Dahlstrøm Feat Jeremy Passion

Marie Dahlstrøm and Jeremy Passion work up a sweet cover of this club track. Catch it for free here.

New Music: Marie Dahlstrøm

Scandinavian soul. If you’re in London you can catch her residency at the Native Tongue in Barbican. Check out here.