MIIA – Skin of a Fool (feat. Vaarin)

Fans of dark melancholic pop will be delighted with Norwegian artists MIIA and Vaarin’s new collaboration, ‘Skin of a Fool’.

Quintessentially Scandinavian in its production style, the song’s mystifying soundscape lures listeners in to a world that is haunting and tense, while the powerful lyrics encourage us to break free from the insecurities that hold us down.

“I didn’t know Vaarin that well, but I admired her. Her truth was just so clear to me. Not only are her melodies beyond special and sincere – she also takes risks and isn’t afraid to make the listener a bit uncomfortable. We wrote “Skin of a Fool” during a vulnerable conversation about feelings we had felt surrounding not being good enough. Our producer, Joachim ‘J RYGGS’, already had these enchanting chords that immediately spoke to us. You need to allow darkness to ‘get out’ of it. And sometimes, in order to do that, you need to know that you’re not alone. You need to let love in – and only when you do that – you can finally be free.” – MIIA

Both MIIA and Vaarin have had exceptional rises to fame within their home nation and globally. MIIA has amassed more than 150 million catalogue streams to date, while Vaarin’s work consistently draws over 14k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

MIIA | Vaarin

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