First Listen: I See MONSTAS ‘Evolution’


London-based trio, I See MONSTAS (formerly known as MONSTA) announce a brand new 4-track EP and lead single entitled ‘Evolution’.

The MONSTA is getting bigger and bigger…

So MONSTA were featured some time ago. I’ve been a fan since realising that the lead singer was Bryn Christopher, who I was slighly obsessed with from his solo days. Anyway, they’re now signed to Skrillex‘s OWSLA label’s and this is their new video for single ‘Holdin On’ (released October 22nd). It’s a brilliant mix of dubstep and soul.

New Music: Monsta

I’ve only just stumbled across these guys after reading about them from a couple of blogs. They consist of two pretty well known producers, and vocalist Bryn Christopher (who I had a bit of an obsession with some years ago). Anyway, it’s undescribable music but it grips you hard. And they have good graphic design, which is becoming a bit of a rarity in today’s pop world. Check out here.