New Music: Mörmaid

It’s been a hot minute since we featured top-rate Scandinavian electronica, but that dry spell is well and truly over with the introduction of Norwegian artist Mörmaid.

‘Manicfest’ is a banger and an anthem in equal measures. This is a bop that reminds you the weekend is just around the corner, and deserves to be on everyone’s playlists!

“‘Manicfest’ is a reflection piece on the increasing trend of manifesting, and how I feel like it’s mostly a trend amongst people who already have a lot but still want more. It’s not really a criticism of the practice, but rather a question mark. The song also touches on the themes of overconsumption and the ambition to always climb higher, never being fully content even when you reach your goals.”

Alongside her own compositions, Mörmaid has also worked with the likes of Ben Alexander, Tobi Duchampe, Jenny Alien and Brand New Moon. We think this is one Scandi talent whose momentum will continue to grow over the coming months… one to watch!


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