A little bit of unheard Amy Winehouse

I wish I didn’t play this to be honest, because it’s just hit me as another reminder that we’re never going to listen to new Amy. Longtime collaborator Salaam Remi mixed the unheard vocals into a track from Nas. Heartbreaking, but it’s nice to hear her voice again.

Nas announces London show with ticket proceeds going towards Amy Winehouse Foundation

Nas and Amy Winehouse seemed to have an unusual partnership that worked pretty well, so it’s not surprising that he will give ticket proceeds from his March 19th 2013 show at the O2 Arena to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Support from Meek Mill. Nice.

First Watch: Nas feat Amy Winehouse ‘Cherry Wine’

Nas and Amy Winehouse was always an interesting pairing, and personally I’m a bit on the fence with this one, just because I wish there was more of Amy in it, but it’s a nice track nonetheless.

Nas + Amy Winehouse

Nas is back with a new record that has this track featuring the late Amy Winehouse. Reminiscent of ‘Like Smoke‘, which was included in Winehouse’s posthumous album. Miss you Amy.