New Music: Elizabeth Hume

Fans of 90’s indie will absolutely fall in love with American newcomer Elizabeth Hume.

‘Breathing’ is the first single off Hume’s upcoming EP, which was completed in collaboration with producer Nolan Garrett.

Inspired by the euphoric emotions that we experience while we are in love, the song treats listeners to an airy and lofty fusion of indie, folk and pop.

“‘Breathing’ is an expression of feeling content in love. Wanting to know everything about the person that brings you this sense of joy. There is nothing like listening to the breathing of a loved one and witnessing them live with beauty and adoration.”

Hume’s EP will consist of five songs, and was written and recorded while she was on her gap year after finishing high school. Elaborating on the forthcoming project, Hume explains:

“The content of this EP centres around inspecting and reflecting on aspects of mental health, relationships, and figuring out where personal identity fits into it all.”

Elizabeth Hume

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New Music: SOME DAZE

SOME DAZE is a transatlantic collaboration between Seattle-based Nolan Garrett and London-based Kris Hermannsson.

The duo formed in the midst of the pandemic, consequently creating a sound that consists of immersive psych-pop, jazz inspired harmony, and ear worm-inducing melodies.

Undeniably one of the most charming songs to come out this month, ‘How To Forget Everything’ was written, recorded, and produced almost entirely remotely in the midst of lockdown.

“It’s a song about love and dependence.”